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The telephone service provider for businesses.

BSC provides telephone services for businesses. A phone system in the cloud, phone numbers in all geographic areas, phones, apps and integrations. Businesses experience true freedom and optimal availability.

You control your telephonic availability via a beautifully simple online portal, contracts can be cancelled anytime and we provide excellent support.

A complete phone system in your pocket with the 4G app for smartphones. Available on Android and iOS.

Work from anywhere with our VoIP app!



Never miss a call again, even when LOADSHEDDING! Our Cloud based PABX Systems are always ONLINE allowing you to receive calls to any mobile device, or even all of them.

Location independent calling

The 4G app

The 4G app is a softphone application that turns your mobile phone into a fully fledged business telephone. Carry all the features of your business phone system in your pocket. With the 4G app, your business phone number goes were ever you go. Why stay confined to the office when you can work from home or your favourite coffee shop? Leave your deskphone at the office and work how you want, where you want.

Become a customer and use our VoIP app on your Android or iOS smartphone. Serve clients who call your office in Johannesburg, while your sipping cocktails on a beach in Thailand. Anything is possible! Sign up for as little as R75 per month to access our VoIP app, webphone, self-service web portal, browser plugin and a (non-)geographic phone number.

The advantages of using our VoIP app as a softphone

  • Call with your office number from anywhere.
  • Your customers only see your office number and no longer your private cell number
  • No more cell reimbursements for business calls. Everything conveniently billed on one company invoice.
  • Update the telephonic availability of your business in real-time wherever you are.
  • With the VoIP app you no longer pay for forwarded calls.

The disadvantages of using desk phone

Desk phones make a great addition to your business phone system, but they do have limitations.

Conveniently Manage Your PABX with our ONLINE ClientZone

Leading The Way in VOIP & Answering Services

As an industry leader, we know what it takes to help your business better serve your customers and improve telephone answering support.

It’s Powerful – Route your callers where they need to go, efficiently and easily.

Responsiveness At Its Best – Giving your callers and customers what they need, no waiting.

Customized Answering Services – Recommending only what you need, customized to your business

Let’s Us Support You

Our highly trained support service team is here for you.

When it comes to your incoming calls, the better your answering service screening process up-front, the more efficient and streamlined your routing process will be.

That’s where auto attendant – becomes one of the most powerful tools in your answering service arsenal. The auto attendant service is known to be one of the most reliable and cost-effective ways to receive and monitor your inbound phone calls. And we know that the better your call routing works, the better attended to your customers will feel from the start.

Features Available on the PBX



Saves you valuable resources. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a telephone automation answering service add-on. The IVR System handles your incoming calls from start, through placing it to the required staff members.

Music on Hold

Music on Hold

Music is an easy convenient way to keep your telephone answering service customers happy and informed while waiting for an agent or staff members. Its a great way to keep your customers focused and interested in your company while they're waiting their turn in the phone queue. It can literally work its magic for any type of business and share new or existing products on hold. Any digital audio content can be prgrammed into your music on hold, including advertisements, cross-promotions and frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Call Recording

Call Recording

No matter what your business or industry, chances are that a great deal of details and information is being exchanged in every single telephone conversation between your callers and your answering service. When it comes to the call recording service option we offer clients, we – and they – have found that there is no simpler, efficient and affordable way to record phone conversations with your callers. It’s so easy! With Instant Replay, you can record, store and access calls via an online portal for 30 days. For a medical or legal practice, financial services institution or any other service business that needs or could benefit from accurate message retrieval, Call Recording is an indispensable choice. We’ve been told by many clients “this is an investment we can’t afford to miss.”

Opening Hours

Opening Hours

Announce your opening hours to your customers. Have calls diverted to after hours emergency number.

Queue Management

Queue Management

Have an influx of calls? Route your calls to the Queue Management System. you may frequently have callers who withstand long queues just to ask simple questions. Instead of giving them no other options, you can answer the most common inquiries during your on-hold music. Customers who are holding for an operator are often willing to take automated advice from a system, especially if your instructions are clear and in plain language.

Conference Calling

Conference Calling

Conference call with all your staff, no matter where in the world they may be.

Listen In

Listen In

Staff in training? Listen in to any call on the PBX.

Add New Geographic numbers

Add New Geographic numbers

Add your numbers in various provinces

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