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BSC Terms and Conditions

Registration – Hosting – Content


Definitions “Client” includes the person purchasing the services or any agent or representative thereof. “Registrant” includes the person applying for a domain name or any party acting on their behalf. “Registry” means the relevant domain names Registry. “Services” means domain name registration, website hosting, email and any other service or facility provided by the BSC Group to the client. “Server” means the computer server equipment operated by the BSC Group in connection with the provision of the Services. “Website” means the area on the Server allocated by the BSC Group to the client for use by the client as a site on the Internet. “BSC Group” includes any party acting on The BSC Group’s explicit instructions.


Domain Name Registration

The BSC Group is not a domain registrant. Instead, we register domains for our clients via a third party. We do not have any control over the availability of new domains. In registering domains, we may use information that our client has provided to us, such as the business profile. It is the client’s responsibility to supply us with the correct information. When purchasing a South African domain, such as .co.za or .com, it is also the client’s responsibility to ensure that the domain name has a close relationship to their name or business name. Most domains are registered for 1 year. Invoice terms for domain name registrations and renewals are paid on registration. The cost of domain name registration is non‐refundable and is paid annually. We inform our clients during the first week of November with a renewal notice payable before end November for the following annual cycle starting on 1st January. Domains not renewed will be suspended and eventually terminated. Upon receiving this notification, the client must advise us whether or not they would like to renew the domain. If the client advises us to renew, we will do so and send an invoice. If the client do not respond to any of our contact methods we reserve the right to suspend, and eventually terminate the domain. Re-Connection fees are payable for all domains re-connected after suspension.

The BSC Group is not responsible for any downtime, loss or damage suffered as a result of non‐renewal or expiry of a domain name. It is the responsibility of the client to advise us to renew before the end of November, annually. You must also keep your contact details up to date so that we can advise you in a timely manner.

The BSC Group contact details will be listed as the domain registrant because the domain was registered under our account with the third party supplier. However, we recognise the client as the owner of the domain. If at any time the client wants to transfer the domain to another registrant, they can do so. However, all accounts to the BSC Group must be paid in full before we will facilitate such a transfer. Upon registration, we send the client the information necessary to manage the domain if they need to.


Domain Suspension

A domain will be suspended if ANY fees are due on the account. ANY fees include service or support fees. Suspended domains carries a re-connection fee payable before the domain services are re-instated. Re-instated domains takes up to 48 hours for all services to re-connect to the servers.


Service availability

We will endeavour to avoid down‐time. If down‐time is required for the purposes of maintenance or repair, we will inform the client in a timely manner. Unforeseen circumstances may result in service down‐time. If this occurs, we will use our best endeavours to notify the client within 48 hours. We reserve the right to end the service if the account is unpaid. Please see ‘Termination’ for more information.


Content ownership

The client is responsible for the content and data stored in their web hosting space. All content and data belongs to the client unless BSC provided said content then content copyright belongs to BSC. All licences, consents, authorisations and approval are the responsibility of the client. Intellectual property rights belong with the client. Copyright belongs with the client, unless BSC provided content which will belong to BSC. We will respect the privacy of our client’s information and will endeavour to protect their confidentiality to our best ability. Both the client (via single FTP on request) and the BSC Group will have access to the content and data at all times.



The BSC Group may suspend or terminate access to the hosting services if we deem it necessary. For example; if ANY fees due on the account, or the services will be suspended if we become aware of any unlawful content or activity within the hosting space. If any services fees are outstanding or not paid within the prescribe period of notification, we reserve the right to suspend and ultimately terminate the domain. We may also terminate or suspend the services if the client’s account becomes overdue. Our hosting services are provided on seven day terms. If an account remains unpaid after 7 days, we will send the client a notification of suspension. If the account is not paid in a timely manner, we will end the hosting service. We will put a notice on the website saying that it is currently unavailable. We will keep the data on file for 30 days. After 30 days (1 month), it will be deleted. The BSC Group will not be responsible for any loss or damage to the client or any other party as a result of such suspension or termination. If the BSC Group is informed of illegal content stored under a domain name or hosting space, we will immediately request the client remove the data. If the data is not removed within 24 hours, the BSC Group will be entitled to immediately suspend the website and terminate this agreement. Illegal content will not be stored. We will put a notice on the website saying that it is currently unavailable. We will keep data – other than illegal content – on file for 30 days. After 1 month, it will be deleted. BSC is not responsible, nor will we backup a client’s domain unless requested do so in writing. Client remains responsible to backup their own content and data.



The client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the BSC Group and its employees, contractors, agents and directors in full against any and all liabilities, claims, losses, damages, penalties, actions, judgments, suits, costs or expenses of any kind arising under this agreement, including from the use of any intellectual property rights of any third party and the registration or use of domain names. Limitation of Liability The client will not, under any circumstances, seek to hold the BSC Group responsible or liable for any loss or damage whatsoever either under this agreement or in relation to the provision of the hosting and domain services, including but not limited to: (a) Loss of profits arising out of, or in connection with, this agreement; (b) Use, misuse, suspension and or loss of any client domain registrations; (c) Interruption to the business and operations of the client; (d) Access delays or interruptions to any website accessed by registered domain name of the client; (e) Non‐delivery, mis‐delivery, corruption, destruction, or modification of data and or information; (f) Events beyond the control of The BSC Group; and or (g) Processing of an application for domain name registration. The BSC Group shall not, under any circumstances, be liable for any acts or omissions relating to domain name registration. This applies to the actions of the client and any third parties, including domain name registration suppliers. In using our hosting services, the client agrees to these limitations of liability. Notices The client acknowledges that all rules and regulations that apply to domain name registration must be strictly construed and applied. The client accepts sole responsibility for ensuring compliance with all relevant laws, rules and regulations in this respect. The client agrees that it is solely liable for ensuring that all client details on registered domain records remain current. The BSC Group will not be held liable for any loss or damage arising from interruption to the hosting services that occur as a result of client non‐compliance with the matters referred to above, including obsolete contact details. The BSC Group will not reimburse or otherwise compensate the client for payments made to third parties for domain name renewals or transfers. The BSC Group’s standard hosting support times are between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm Monday to Friday, CAT (Central African Time) in South Africa. The BSC Group’s standard hosting support includes ensuring that the server is online whenever reasonably possible and that domains hosted by The BSC Group are visible on the internet.


Annual Domain Hosting Payment

The client agrees to pay annual hosting fees on / before 31st July annually. Failure to pay the annual hosting fee will result in suspension and eventually termination of the domain.


Annual Domain Renewal Payment

The client agrees to pay annual domain renewal fees on / before 15 December annually. Failure to pay the annual fee will result in suspension and eventually termination of the domain.



The client may cancel an order for web hosting services without reason within seven days from the date of the order by written notice to the BSC Group. Upon receipt of such notice the BSC Group shall refund any monies paid by the client in full within 30 days of the notice. This does not apply to domain name registration services. Domain names are non‐refundable. Upon receipt of a cancellation notice or otherwise upon the expiry or termination of this agreement the BSC Group will be entitled to delete and not retain any records, data, programs or other content. Complaints The client may lodge a complaint under this agreement to the BSC Group by phone, mail or email.



This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with South African Law, and the parties hereto hereby submit to the non‐exclusive jurisdiction of South African courts.

The BSC Group info@bscgroup.co.za


National Contact Centre – 087 012 5373

New Accounts Mpumalanga Office – 013 312 0007 

Cape Town Office – 021 012 5388

Gauteng Office – 087 012 5373

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