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Why live stream your event?

  • Live streaming your event lets you broaden your audience. With a live stream, you aren’t limited to local, or even national event attendees – your reach is worldwide. We put your ideas into MOTION!

Streaming the Simple Way

We know that LIVE Streaming is intimidating to some, possibly even downright scary. Our team will work with you to calm your fears and worries, providing the support your project deserves. We will eliminate the guess work and streamline the entire process for you.

Multiply your Impact

Multiply your Impact

You can reach professionals in your field, press, policymakers, and the general public, internationally. This can drastically increase interest in your event.

Pay-per-view event

Pay-per-view event

BSC will work with you to create a custom payment processing system so you can build your audience online without harming your attendance in person - or your bottom line.

Engage on Social Networks

Engage on Social Networks

With live video, off-site social media users who would otherwise be simply watching reports from inside your event can become content generators themselves. Live video stimulates the conversation online and help build your audience.

Outlast the event itself

Outlast the event itself

BSC's high-definition stream video archives can be embedded on any website, edited into segments or highlight reels, watched on our platform, or distributed on DVD.

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